Nano-scale titanium dioxide in sunscreen cosmetics application


From the mechanism of nano-titanium dioxide sunscreen proceeding described the nanotitanium dioxide sunscreen superior performance and application prospects, analysis of nano-titanium dioxide used in sunscreen cosmetics should pay attention to the problem,more comprehensively reflect the nano-titanium dioxide in sunscreen cosmetics of the application of research in .
Keywords: nano-titanium dioxide; sunscreen cosmetics; optical activity
Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight on the human body against a larger waves. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, the skin will produce erythema, dark spots, skin aging, a serious lead to skin cancer [1,2]. In recent years, as people of UV awareness-raising and health awareness increases, sunscreen cosmetics of the development, application has gradually become a research hotspot. Titanium dioxide due to its high refractive index
and high optical activity, has been identified as a major sunscreen. Nano-titanium dioxide for superior performance has been much more widespread attention, was used in the new,high-quality sunscreen cosmetics research and development, step by step to demonstrate its unique advantages and wide application prospects.
Mechanism of nano-titanium dioxide sunscreen
In accordance with the different wavelengths, ultraviolet short-wave zone is divided into 190 ~280nm, Poland District 280 ~ 320nm, long-wave zone 320 ~ 400nm. Short-wavelength ultraviolet energy of the highest areas, but after was blocked from the ozone layer, therefore,impact on human health in general is a medium-wave area and long-wave ultraviolet light district [1 ~ 2].
The strong anti-ultraviolet titanium dioxide capacity is due to its high refractive index and high optical activity. The ability and mechanism of